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Protein in chocolate - 3 benefits for you

Protein in chocolate - 3 benefits for you

The magical macronutrient proteinn

Everyone knows this magical macronutrient called protein. Proteins, also known as proteins, are essential for life and participate in a large number of important processes in the body. It's not just bodybuilders who need protein. Our muscles, skin, hair, heart, and brain are largely made up of protein. Nine out of a total of 20 of the so-called amino acid building blocks of proteins cannot be produced by the body itself and depends on us supplying them with our food. It is all the more important that we consume enough protein.s nehmen.


The more the better?

But how much is sufficient? The current recommendations define 0.8 g protein per kilogram of body weight as optimal. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, stress and exercise can add to this need. Small children also have a higher protein requirement. But be careful: more than 2 g protein / kg can put a strain on the kidneys in the long term, since the urea produced during metabolism has to be transported away via the kidneys. Much more important than the amount is the right type of protein.oteine.


The crux of the protein thing: the limiting amino acide

In fact, there is no point in consuming huge amounts of protein if we do not pay attention to a balanced ratio of the various amino acids. In this context, one also speaks of the limiting amino acid. The body can only take in as much protein from the diet as the lowest amount of amino acid that limits this process. The team is only as strong as its weakest link, so to speak. For this reason, the combination of different amino acids is the alpha and omega of protein supply.nversorgung.


Soy protein miracle weapon

Among the vegetable protein sources, one star stands out in particular: the soybean. Soy protein combines all of the essential amino acids in a single source. For this reason, in addition to many other advantages such as the milk-like taste, we have opted for European organic soy protein. So you don't have to worry about how you get all the individual amino acids together.riegst.

For your everyday diet it is good to combine different protein sources. Whole grain products, nuts, legumes like peas and lentils, but also soy products like tempeh, tofu & amp; Co. Can be combined excellently with delicious creations.eren.


Satisfying chocolate as a nice side effectt

Okay, your protein supply is assured. And the taste test was passed with flying colors. What advantage does the increased protein content still have in chocolate? Protein ensures a faster satiety effect and you do not fall into hunger pangs. But why is that so? The secret behind it is a body protein called PYY Peptide YY. Protein stimulates the body's own production of PYY, which signals to the brain that the stomach is full. So you are happy and satisfied after your little chocolate snack, even before you use up your entire chocolate supply in one go. Because even if protein is important. You shouldn't cover your daily requirement with chocolate aloneicht decken 😉


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