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10 simple tips to reduce your plastic waste

10 simple tips to reduce your plastic waste

Plastic - Suddenly Problematich

The media are increasingly reporting on a problem that was previously barely perceived as one. We're talking about plastic. Banning plastic straws, paper bag fees, recycling, upcycling, unpackaged stores and cleaning the oceans of plastic are just a few topics that are now openly discussed at least once a week. So it seems to have become important. And it will be with us for a long time, because plastic takes an average of 300 years to decompose.setzen.


That's what science says

A look at the numbers also lets experts sound the alarm bells. In the last 70 years alone, over 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced. This number is so gigantic that you can hardly imagine how much it is. We try this: this huge amount of plastic is equivalent to the weight of 80 million blue whales. So imagine every single inhabitant in Germany as a great blue whale. So much plastic has been produced since 1950. And not only that. If plastic production progresses at this rate, we will have 3 times more plastic in the sea than fish in 30 years.he.


But there is hope. Namely you!!

More and more consumers find this just as worrying and want to contribute something to the solution of the problem with their consumption behavior. And with just a few little things, you too can contribute a lot to reducing plastic. Here are 10 simple tips that you can immediately implement in your everyday life and with which you can become a superhero for the


10 simple everyday tips

Use reusable fruit and vegetable nets and choose loose, unpackaged food. Think of the cloth bag for shopping..

Take a trip to the organic farmer, to the weekly market or to an unpackaged shop.

3. Tap water instead of a PET bottle. Good to know: Tap water is usually just as pure and rich in minerals as the water from the plastic bottle. Nice drinking bottles made of glass or stainless steel also make drinking a lot easier.r.

4. Use solid hair and body soap instead of shower gel and liquid shampoo.en.

5. Do It Yourself in the bathroom: peeling from semolina, cotton pads made from scraps of fabric, hairspray made from sugar water. Examine your bathroom cabinet and think about what you could make yourself instead of buying it packaged. Take advantage of the bad weather for a few DIY projects.ekte.

6. Also from the bathroom: try a wooden toothbrush!n!

7. Do It Yourself in the kitchen: Here, too, you may be able to do a few things yourself. You won't find homemade oat milk sweetened with dates and a pinch of cinnamon in any store.aden.

8. Menstrual cups, refillable bamboo dental floss, washable panty liners, safety razors. Long since mainstream and not just for hardcore cocos̈kos.

9. Second hand. Yep, clothing can also be plastic. Cotton is a good alternative. Even better: visit the Trodelmarkt or an exchange market and give the already existing pieces a second life.ken.

10. Demand plastic-free products. Young startups as well as established companies and corporations are increasingly bringing products onto the market that are packaged in renewable and compostable raw materials. With the purchase of these products you show that there is a demand for plastic-free alternatives and demand change in the respective industry.e.


That's what raccoon does

You may even be doing one or the other. And we also do our part with raccoon. The film, which looks like a normal plastic film, is a modern bio-film made of wood fibers that dissolves completely both on the compost heap and in sea water.t.

If you would like to do even more, then you can share this article with the world or arrange to meet friends for a plastic contest by collecting every plastic packaging for a week and settling it at the end. Of course, the winner here is whoever has bought the least and not the most plastic. I wish you success!lg!

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